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About Us

Global Dive Network came about when a few dive centres noticed that not all businesses were the same. Some appealed to a mass tourism, some appealed to a “get qualified quick” customer, and others appealed to a customer who wanted to be valued, have high quality education and experiences, and be sure the business was well respected and accredited. This is the point GDN came into existence.

A group of like-minded individuals realised that the level of service offered was regularly below what was expected or required, and so set about linking a number of businesses with no other connection except reputation for training excellence, value for money, and finding time for the customer.

There are 7 members of GDN, all of which are PADI Career Development Centres with world class reputations, and headed by PADI Course Directors. They found each other through their shared business practices and set about creating an agreement that regulated each other to allow membership of GDN. All members are in agreement on what level of service is required and anyone failing to meet it will not be renewed in the Partnership.

The Partnership offers customers a discount by them presenting a business card issued by another member centre. It rewards a customer for previous business, and also guides them into a safe and well respected centre in another part of the world.

GDNs mission is “to provide excellent customer service by putting the client first, ensuring safety, and providing education and experiences that go beyond their expectations“.

GDN is not a corporate entity, but a group of like minded businesses working in partnership to improve the diving industry and meet the needs of the many divers who want safe and enjoyable diving, or want to build a career in the industry.

Instructors trained in a GDN centre are more likely to find work due to the training they have had, and are certainly more likely to work within other GDN centres as a result.