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Poseidon Divers is a PADI Career Development Centre and a PADI National Geographic Centre based in Dahab, Egypt. We have 2 centres in town, one is in the main bay, Mashraba, and is the original centre. The second is in the 5 Star Le Meridien Hotel, a short 5 minute drive away. Poseidon offers PADI courses from beginner to Instructor all year round, and is second to none in terms of quality, enthusiasm, and value for money.

We are proud to ally ourselves with other quality dive operators within Global Dive Network, and feel sure that if you come to one of our centres you will want to stay within our small circle for the rest of your diving.

Poseidon is a centre that hasn’t lost the personal touch and we make it a mission to get to know each of our customers. Too often you can be lost in the crowd, but we have made sure that our Managers get to know everyone and understand what you need, as well as remembering that it is supposed to be fun. We started business as the preferred option for backpackers and overland trips, and have grown from there, but while remembering what people are looking for.

We have received awards from PADI for our work, especially in the area of Instructor Development. The whole Professional side we are very proud of, and you will always find Divemasters in training due to our reputation for going a little further. We are the perfect place for Professional training as we also have enough courses running at all levels to ensure your work experience is based upon real students and not simulations. All of our Pro internships include extra education, whether ecology based, industry based, or dive skills orientated.

Our Professional training can be taken as a single course or as an internship, which range from 1 month to 7 months, and allow you to get the very best training available. Our aim is to make you a cut above, so that any job you go for in the dive industry is going to find you are the best candidate due to experience and ability. Dahab is a great place to be based for your internship with excellent social facilities, and you will leave us with a wider understanding of the marine environment, and excellent diving and leadership skills.

We also pride ourselves on our entry level training. We carry out a lot of courses, but we guarantee our group sizes will always be small – we prefer to put more instructors on that to put more students into a group – everyone benefits that way. There are many options to learn to dive – e-learning, referrals, home study, full course or even the National Geographic course – we offer them all and you just need to chat to us to find your best fit.

If you want to just go diving, then that is fine for us. Dahab keeps you away from the bustle of Sharm and you will find our dive sites less crowded but just as interesting. You will find yourself in a group of similar ability, and again, groups are kept small to maximise your experience.

We can come and get you from the airport at Sharm, and also return you, as well as arranging your accommodation. Our accommodation ranges from 5 star Hotels to our own Divers House used primarily for Pro training, and we have everything in between.

We also aim to ensure that not only do we educate you, but we also educate our staff. It is important to us that everyone working at the centre understands the environment they are diving in, and understands our goals and values to ensure they deliver the best possible service to you, the customer. We are very choosy about our staff.

Diving in Dahab can be spectacular, and our dive sites range from 15 metre coral forests, to the Blue Hole, which offers the chance to get an encounter with some of the larger creatures. Poseidon also owns its own boats, and we can put you on them any time you wish – these give you the chance to get further afield and explore some of the less dived areas. We are one of only 2 dive centres in Dahab to won our own dive boats.
Our equipment is also in extremely good order, as it is swapped out every 12 months to ensure safety and quality.

Things are fairly relaxed in Poseidon. As a lot of our diving is shore based, we can fit schedules around you, and we try not to make your holiday more reminiscent of a boot camp.

All in all – we guarantee you fun, safety, top quality training and experiences, and most importantly to put you first. We offer value for money and will put our hearts into ensuring the training you get is far above the minimum required, which is so often seen in other businesses.